Professional Bull Riding

Friday, March 16, 2018 - 8:00 PM

 When you're purchasing your tickets:

Act as if you are facing your seats; the seat to the left is always #1  when in doubt call our box office at 304.233.4470

    •     The PBR IS NOT a rodeo - it's two hours of intense bull riding action!

    •   During one night of heart-pounding, bone-crushing action, fans can look forward to seeing a

      star-studded line-up of athletes.

      About The BlueDEF Tour

      The BlueDEF Tour showcases the world’s top cowboys as they battle the rankest bucking bulls. It’s man vs. beast wrapped in the glitz and glamour that only the PBR can provide. Viewers from around the world will watch the action from Reno unfold on all new PBR Live! streaming service. Its action, danger & thrills in an all new bull riding spectacular.



    •   70 tons of dirt is brought in each weekend for a PBR event

    •   Over 50 bucking bulls are brought to the event

    •   It takes 7 semi trucks to load in all the supplies for the event

    •   It takes a crew of 30 guys set up for 36 hours for the show to take place

    •   An average PBR bucking bull weighs 1700-2000 lbs.

    •   An average bull rider weighs 140 lbs.